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What Is BodyTite? Could It Be The Perfect Solution For You?

The cosmetic industry is evolving rapidly. The fastest growing type of cosmetic procedures are those that are minimally-invasive and nonsurgical. Patients naturally prefer procedures that have less downtime, provided that they get the results. BodyTite is a minimally-invasive body-contouring procedure that is capable of delivering results that could previously only be achieved through surgery. This article aims to reveal why BodyTite is so popular.

What Is BodyTite, and How Does it Work?

BodyTite is a state-of-the-art modern treatment that tightens skin. BodyTite heats the skin, which stimulates collagen production. This leads to tightening and toning of the skin and the underlying tissues. The heat from BodyTite also dissolves fat, so it is often used for body sculpting. It has become prevalent in recent years because of the excellent results it delivers, without the need for invasive surgery. The procedure is relatively short, and recovery times are comparatively quick. This is another significant benefit, according to many of our previous patients.

Am I Suitable For BodyTite?

You are likely a good candidate for BodyTite if you are within 30% of your ideal weight, have mild- to moderate skin laxity, and are in good general health. At your consultation, Dr. Cho and his staff will ask about your goals and help you to understand the possibilities within the context of your specific body shape and how much skin laxity you have. Some patients do well with BodyTite alone, but others require a combination of BodyTite and surgery. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, patients with active infections, and those that suffer from autoimmune diseases are not suitable for the BodyTite procedure. Although BodyTite will be effective all over the body, the best results usually are, found when contouring the abdomen, arms, breasts, thighs, love handles, and knees. BodyTite’s sister procedures FaceTite and AccuTite use the same technology to treat smaller areas such as the face, neck, lips, jowls, bra fat, mons, and labia.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The procedure is quick and straightforward; it starts with a local anesthetic being applied to the area in question. Once the area is numb, a small cannula is inserted into the skin. The radiofrequency energy is then applied to the area, which causes the skin in the region to contract, and at the same time liquifies the fat. It is important to understand that the surgeon is able to target the energy so that only the fat cells are liquified; any adjacent cells are left unaffected by the procedure. The last part of the procedure involves the removal of the fat by suction through the cannula. At all times, the temperature of the skin is monitored to ensure maximum safety. There is a possibility that patients will feel a little sore and tender for a couple of days following the procedure, but this will pass rapidly, and most patients report that they were able to get on with their everyday lives remarkably quickly.

Do I Need To Be Put To Sleep For BodyTite? Depending on the treatment area, BodyTite can be carried out under local anesthesia or light sedation. However, if more extensive areas will be treated or if it is going to be combined with a surgical procedure, Dr. Cho will guide the patient as to what type of anesthesia will be the safest, most comfortable, and allow him to give the patient the best results. At Integrated Aesthetics, we take pride in educating our patients about the benefits and drawbacks of each option. We help our patients to decide on the best solution for their needs. If you have mild or moderate amounts of saggy skin, then BodyTite is an excellent way to tighten the skin. If there is an excess of skin, traditional plastic surgery is an excellent alternative, or in some cases, complementary procedure. Give our friendly customer service team a call today, to book an appointment to come in and discuss the options. There is nothing to be scared of, and we will be able to answer any and all of your questions, which in turn will help you make the final decision.

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