P-Shot/eVive for Men

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Houston

Looking for a long-lasting solution for erectile dysfunction? At Integrated Aesthetics, we are proud to introduce a revolutionary new treatment for ED called the P-Shot®. This effective treatment for erectile dysfunction does not require costly monthly prescriptions and can provide far better results than even the best male enhancement pills.

What Is the P-Shot?

Named after Priapus, the Greek god of fertility, the P-Shot increases vascular blood flow to the penis for a healthier organ. This increased blood flow results in a lasting and effective solution for erectile dysfunction, even after the first treatment.

How Does the P-Shot Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Through the utilization of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the penis can experience tissue rejuvenation, including the development of new vessels that increase blood flow for more stamina and stronger erections.

This PRP method has been proven effective in several other medical treatments, including chronic pain control and repairing damage to muscle tissue and cartilage.

Additional Male Enhancement Benefits

Not only is the P-Shot a lasting treatment for erectile dysfunction without pills, it can also increase penis size by design by placing more PRP in the base or head of the penis to get the best results. Men will also notice an increase in sexual sensation and pleasure.

What to Expect During P-Shot Treatment

By drawing blood from the arm and spinning it in a centrifuge, a super-rich concentration of platelets and growth factors is isolated. This super-rich concentration of platelets is then injected into the penis. But don’t let that scare you! You will feel nothing more than a slight pinch.

In fact, the eVive system we use at Integrated Aesthetics is virtually pain-free and is sometimes used as a massager to treat minor muscle pain.

What are the Side-Effects of the P-Shot?

There are very minimal side-effects to this treatment. There are no allergic reactions, lumpiness and minimal pain with no burning from the PRFM since it uses your own body’s fluids. It takes around 45 minutes and you can enjoy the rejuvenating results that very same night.

Proven, Long-Lasting Improvement of Erectile Dysfunction

The P-Shot, combined with eVive technology, is a revolutionary, comfortable, and proven way for men to get long-lasting improvement of erectile dysfunction and has been proven to work in multiple studies.

The Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Houston

Men all over the Houston area can experience the male enhancement benefits of the P-Shot. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment for erectile dysfunction, please contact us to schedule a consultation with the medical professionals at Integrated Aesthetics.

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