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Houston, Spring & The Woodlands Moles / Warts Removal

Moles (Nevi) are generally brown spots that represent proliferation of melanocytes or pigment cells in the skin. Most moles are harmless. These respect boundaries and are symmetrical or uniform in color and shape. They have sharp borders and do not grow or change. Often harmless moles which we have had for several decades gradually become raised but maintain their uniform appearance. When a mole starts to become irregular, or dysplastic, this may signify increased risk of melanoma and the mole should be evaluated. Skin biopsies to evaluate moles involve numbing the area with local anesthetic then shaving to remove the lesion, which is sent for pathology. Occasionally moles are removed with a punch biopsy which involves use of a tiny “cookie-cutter”- like instrument to remove the mole; this is repaired with sutures.

Warts Molluscum – These are viral growths that can spread from one part of the body to another or between family members or other close contacts. There are multiple destructive treatment modalities available but these often require multiple treatments for cure. These destructive treatment modalities are considered by many insurance companies to be part of the surgical deductible. If you have questions please contact our billing department.

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