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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a bothersome condition for millions of people. It will often result in unnecessary perspiration on the hands, underarms, feet or brow. It can be source of tremendous social embarrassment, a drain on the wardrobe expenses, and an overall nuisance. Patients will often complain of having tried many over-the-counter remedies with minimal or no success.

Available treatments include:

  • Antiperspirants
  • Botox injections
  • Iontophoresis (electronic delivery of medication beneath the skin)
  • Axillary shaving
  • miraDry

Though Botox may be one of the first lines of defense suggested by Dr. Cho for excessive sweating, it is not a long-term option and treatment must be done 2 to 3 times per year.

miraDry Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Integrated Aesthetics is proud to offer miraDry, a treatment that offers a lasting solution to hyperhidrosis. miraDry is a a quick, FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure that we perform in our office.

Using precisely controlled energy, Dr. Cho can eliminate your underarm sweat glands. These sweat glands do not grow back after they are eliminated, so the results are noticeable and long-lasting. Traditional treatments for excessive sweating, such as antiperspirants and neurotoxins, work by temporarily disabling the sweat glands, which means you need repeated treatments to maintain the results. miraDry is currently the only option that gets lasting results through a non-invasive treatment.

View the video to learn more.

Surgical Options for Extreme Sweating

In severe cases of hyperhidrosis, another surgical option may be considered. In this case, Dr. Cho may use a shaving technique to remove the sweat glands. This treatment, which Dr. Cho helped to develop, is called axillary shaving. The procedure works to remove the sweat glands by accessing them beneath the layer of skin.

After the section of hair-bearing skin which produces sweat has been identified, Dr. Cho will make a small incision and carefully separate the affected skin from the underlying tissue. Working through this small incision in the armpit, Dr. Cho will shave away the sweat glands using an arthroscopic shaver. Though the sweat glands will be removed, the hair follicles will not be affected by the procedure. Because the majority of your sweat glands are permanently destroyed, there is a dramatic reduction in your ability to sweat.

Hyperhidrosis Surgery Aftercare

The procedure is done as an outpatient procedure. Recovery time is minimal—you may return to work within two or three days and should experience minimal discomfort. You will make a follow-up visit to Dr. Cho’s office the day after your surgery and again 10 days following surgery so Dr. Cho can track your progress as you heal.

Three months after you heal, Dr. Cho may want to see you in the office to document the reduction in sweating at the treatment site.

To learn more about treatments for excessive sweating, we encourage you to contact Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Cho.

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