Fat Grafting (Face)

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Facial Fat Grafting

Loss of facial fat volume can create a gaunt, sunken appearance in the cheeks and temples, as well as cause under eye hollowness or puffiness. Facial fat grafting is designed to address these issues by restoring youthful volume to your face and can also be used to plump thin lips and fill deep creases and depressed scars.

No matter how taut or smooth your skin looks, a lack of fullness in the cheeks and depleted fat deposits elsewhere in the face can still make you look tired and aged. For this reason, fat grafting is commonly combined with facelift and eyelid surgery to complement skin tightening and wrinkle correction results and further rejuvenate your face.

About Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting involves harvesting fat from one area of your body and transplanting it into your face. You must have an adequate of volume fat deposits available in your abdomen, thighs, buttocks or elsewhere to undergo fat grafting, as the fat used for this procedure must be your own.

Fat that is removed during liposuction is prepared and preserved using special equipment, then carefully injected into the problem areas on your face.

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