Ear Surgery

Ear Pinning and Earlobe Repair

Ear surgery can address a number of issues, including misshapen or protruding ears and stretched or torn earlobes. If you or your child are concerned about the appearance of your ears or feel embarrassed to expose them, an ear surgery procedure such as otoplasty (ear pinning) or earlobe repair surgery may be able to help.

About Ear Surgery

Unlike many cosmetic procedures, ear surgery is suitable for patients of nearly any age. In fact, parents are oftentimes encouraged to have their children’s protruding or misshapen ears addressed while they are still young and have not suffered through a lifetime of insecurity about their ears.

Because ear surgery is minimally invasive, most adults require only local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia during ear surgery, however children may require general anesthesia. Otoplasty typically takes only 1 to 3 hours to perform, whereas earlobe repair may be done even more quickly.

Most ear surgery procedures are usually performed on both ears (even if your cosmetic concerns center on only one of your ears) in order to ensure the symmetry of your results. Additionally, the scars that results from ear surgery are discreet and hidden in the natural contours and creases of your ears.

Before Ear Surgery

During your consultation with Dr. Cho, he will help you determine which ear surgery procedure will best meet your needs and help you achieve your cosmetic goals. If you decide to move forward with the procedure, he will also assess your health and medical history to ensure surgery is safe for you. This may also involve conferring with your child’s pediatrician if he or she is the ear surgery patient.

Ear surgery patients must refrain from using tobacco products, alcohol and blood-thinning medications for at least one week before ear surgery. You will be given other specific pre- and post-operative care instructions before undergoing ear surgery as well and should follow them closely.

With an incision behind the ear, Dr. Cho can sculpt the ear cartilage to alter the position of each ear.

After Ear Surgery

Recovery after earlobe repair will typically be less extensive than other ear surgery procedures, as the operative area is so small. Children will also have longer periods of activity restriction and more extensive bandaging after ear surgery than adults, but this is primarily to ensure that results are not damaged.

Most patients are back to work and school within a week of ear surgery, and any head dressings, permanent sutures or stitches that are used will typically be removed within 1 to 2 weeks. Swelling, discomfort, bruising and numbness will mostly resolve within 1 to 2 weeks, as well. During this time frame, it is also important to keep your ears protected from contact with the sun.

Although your final results, including improved ear position, shape and appearance, will be visible after only a few weeks, it will take several months for your ears to heal completely.

The best way to learn about ear Surgery is during a consultation with the doctor. Please call Integrated Aesthetics at (281) 404-5454 to set up an appointment with Dr. Young Cho. Our plastic surgery practice is located just north of downtown Houston. Our office address is 5061 FM 2920 Spring, TX 77388.

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