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Body Sculpting Goal

Weight loss is always an achievement to celebrate, but sometimes the hard work you put into looking your best is masked by hanging skin and stubborn fat deposits that can only be removed through surgery. In his practice, plastic surgeon Dr. Young Cho performs body sculpting procedures to help you fully realize your new body and further slenderize your silhouette.

The goal of Body Sculpting is to:

  • Remove excess skin from the body
  • Tighten remaining skin
  • Remove localized fat deposits

About Body Sculpting

Body sculpting surgery can vary depending on the area of your body to be contoured. Common procedures in body sculpting include:

  • Body Lift (belt lipectomy)
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Thigh Lift
  • Upper Arm Lift

Dr. Cho may choose to perform a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or panniculectomy for those who struggle with stubborn fat and skin hanging for the midsection. In the case of an abdominoplasty, your plastic surgeon will use skin and tissue tightening techniques to remove excess skin from your lower abdomen and then pull the upper abdominal skin down to close the incisions. Your abdominal wall may be tightened using sutures. A panniculectomy, which is often performed after weight reduction, is similar, but does not include any tightening of the abdominal wall.

When performing the arm lift surgery to remove hanging skin on the upper arms, Dr. Cho may combine the skin tightening techniques with a liposuction procedure, or if your skin elasticity is good, he be able to perform liposuction alone. To begin, your plastic surgeon will make incisions in the inner part of your arm, with the incisions traveling from your underarm to your elbow. Liposuction and skin removal will then be performed to tighten the skin. When complete, Dr. Cho will place sutures to close the incisions and to maintain the new shape of your arms.

A thigh lift surgery is similar to an arm lift in that incisions will be made through which skin and tissue tightening techniques can be performed to slenderize thighs that may have excess skin and stubborn fat deposits. Liposuction may also be used to further tone the skin of your thighs.

Before Body Sculpting

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Cho will mark the incision sites on your body, which will vary with each type of body sculpting surgery. For the procedures, which are usually outpatient, you will be placed under local or general anesthesia. The surgery performed will dictate the type of anesthesia you receive.

  • Before

  • Before

  • Before

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  • before

Drag the slider to the right to see the before image and left to see the after image.

After Body Sculpting

Your recovery from body sculpting surgery can last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. For many of the procedures, you will wear compression garments to aid in proper healing and to maintain your body’s new shape. Any discomfort may be managed with medication.

Possible risks or complications associated with body sculpting procedures may include infection, healing complications, scarring or unmet expectations.

Learn More About Body Sculpting

To find out how body sculpting procedures with Dr. Cho in Houston can help you achieve the best version of yourself, we encourage you to contact Integrated Aesthetics at (281) 404-5454.

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